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Indirect tablet printing (Offset) Achieved this printing huge commercial success of superiority over their counterparts from other printing methods. The principle that mediates a rubber plate Rubber Blanket between Galley and paper. This method kept the original board of the damage and prolong old with providing accurate details of the drawing to transfer the surface to be printing it. Accompanied by the emergence of tablet printing application of color technology and mechanization half in the preparation of printing plates, after it had been longer and panels address manually, and this process has been slow and dependent on the skill of the foul in the first place. It did not take a long time so even reach Printers to making machines stacked paper Galley easily, with the advent of printing presses (rotary) Press Rotary which surrounds the Galley on disc carrier and pass paper between them and the cylinder other stressful Impression Cylinder, increased speed presses and improved production. All has been offset presses until the fifties of the twentieth century fed Boutros Paper Sheet-Fed Press, then introduced Offset printers scroll (Karrar paper) Press Web Offset occupied key position in the completion of the work print.

And was initially printed one face of the roll of paper and then introduced improvements to print double-sided at the same time and became known as «complementary Press» Perfecting Press. As well as color printing has made significant progress when it became possible to connect cylinders or three or four or five in succession and printed colors required over the paper once.

The common nowadays color printing in a way that the four-color( Four-Colorprocess)

It’s a company working in the field of paper and carton (Offset) :
To meet all the needs of the per person:
Printing paper on different, paper stickers, visit Cards won , Flairs , brochures , Self adhesive , catalogs, magazines, books, paper bags of different their needs , Through especially production lines in magazines and books .

Print light carton includes Different measurable Cans (boxes) and uses carton other available techniques for our especially production ..

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